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I am dedicated to the enrichment of my family, community, state and country. I am Texas-born, world-educated, and Houston-rooted. I value integrity, hard work, compassionate self-reliance, and fairness.
John Perez

John Perez For SBISD School Board - Position 6

A New Voice, A Firm Commitment, A Fresh Start

I am running for Position 6 on the SBISD Board of Trustees to preserve our at-large district’s strengths and to ensure every student is given the opportunity to achieve their potential regardless of their origin story. I am eager to apply my technical problem-solving skills, business acumen, servant leadership style, and passion for education to help SBISD realize its collective excellence. I look forward to collaborating with Superintendent Blaine and the other Board members to recruit and develop strong leaders for our schools.

Campaign Issues

Core Values

The purpose of our schools is to provide a safe environment for our children to learn the fundamentals from well-qualified teachers.

Improve Performance

It is not hard to find the data demonstrating our district’s under-performance regarding academics.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a business owner, I am responsible for managing revenue and expenses to ensure growth, client satisfaction, and employee development.

Bridge Cultural Divides

I am tired of the divisiveness that pervades our society. I am tired of hearing and seeing one side shout against the other on prominent issues that merit more listening, more conversation, more collaboration, and more compassion.

At-Large District

I do not support efforts to change SBISD from an at-large district to a single-member or hybrid district.