PACs and Organizations

1776 Project
Freedom Foundation Of Texas PAC
Harris County Republican Party
Hispanic Republicans of Texas
Katy Christian Magazine
Spring Branch Families PAC

Elected Officials and Other Dignitaries

Senator Paul Bettencourt, District 7
Mr. Jack Cagle, Harris County Commissioner, Pct 4
Mr. Tom Ramsey, Harris County Commissioner, Pct 3
Mr. Will Hickman, Texas State Board of Education, District 6
Mrs. Mary Nan Huffman, Houston City Council, District G
Tom Jinks, Mayor of Hedwig Village

Mr. Jimmy Pappas, Mayor of Hunters Creek Village
Mr. Marcus Vajdos, Mayor of Spring Valley Village
Mr. Jay Williams, Former Mayor of Bunker Hill Village
Mrs. Alexandra del Moral Mealer, Republican candidate for Harris County Judge
Mr. Bert Keller, Former Houston City Councilman, District G

Family, Friends, and Neighbors

Lisa and Bruce Alpe
Alexandra and Mark Andrews
Debbie and Phil Ballard
Karen and Joe Barber

Joann Basham
Lori and John Beck
Denise and Steve Bell

Caroline and Kelley Bennett
Kenze and Dan Beyer
Kerry and Tim Brendel
Christie and Craig Brothers
Katie and Mitch Camarillo
Nancy and Ryan Carney

Mary and Doug Chamberlain
Diane-Muniz and Joe Chong
Becky and Jonathan Clark
Cortney and Kenneth Cole
Julie and Kyle Cooper
Ronnye and Chip Cowell
Jen and Clay Cox
Kara and John Deis
Allegra and Ruben Delgadillo
Kelly and Eric Devlin
Linley and Collin Dieringer
Ann-Margaret Dudley
Lyn and Keith Durnell
Mark and Dana Eubanks

Leigh and Fritz Fowler
Stephanie and Mike Green
Susan and Charles Grindon
JoLynn and Scott Grooms
Jennifer and Trent Grothues

Lorena and Kirk Guilanshah
Anne and Mike Hachtman
Susi and Craig Hagedorn
LaJeana and Chris Hardig
Ara and J.J. Hardig
Shelley and Chris Hatcher
Deana and Clint Haygood
Heidi and John Holcomb
Tamma and Matt Howell
Jennifer and Justin Hyland
Betty Isaac
Sherry and Michael Jones

Lindsay and Tye Justice
Karen and Adam Kadane

Lexi and Tyler Killian
Karen and Lars Koster

Allenson and Neal Lippold
Sharidan and Ryan Lippold
Amy and Anthony Lombard
Sara and Robert Long
Anna and John Maddox
Natalie and David Mandery
Valerie Manis
Brooke Marquart
Cindy and Chris McClain
Beverly and Andy McConn

Lindsay and Chris McConn
Pat McLeod
Jenny Thompson Morace
Debbie Moriarty
Bruce Morisse
Erin and Jeremy Moss

Jeannette and Brian Muecke
Cathy Nebeker
Allison and Rudy Nieto
Amanda Orr
Lynny Osenbaugh
Kathy and Bart Oxspring

Stephanie and Rich Pancioli
Robin and Matthew Parker
Stephanie and Philip Parker
Steve and Valerie Paul
Barbara and Bruce Peterson
Gina and Brad Poteet
Bethany Quinn
Kathleen and Sean Roche

Lara and Beau Ryan
Carol Rynd
Jamie and Marc Samuelson

Susan and Mark Sanders
Amber and Brian Sanders
Ashley and Ben Satterwhite
Page and Brian Schwertner
Cindy and Jason Segrest
Nadia and Jon Sledge
Emily and Mike Sperandio
Laura and Kirk Spilman
Sandy and Aaron Spurlock
Courtney and Anthony Squillante

Loyd and Sheri Stegent
Lora Strutton
Catherine and Cole Sullivan
Gayle and Brad Swearer

Carolyn and David Tacker
Colin Tenney
Daniel, Veronica, Catherine, and Richi Velarde
Amy and Houston  Walker

Lisa and Mike Walker
Sandy and Pat Walker
Pamela and Chris Walker
LeaAnn and Johnny Walker
Tommy Walker
Raychel and Austin Walker
April and Jefferson Walker
Kelsey and Joe Walker
Lisa Yetts Walker
John Wallace
Nichole and Chris Waters

Deborah and John Weitzel
Linda and Nick Wolfe
Olivia and Peter Wuensch

Ashley Gordon Zahn